Corporate Training

Although Ascent Coaching’s core business is Executive Coaching, we have seen that all too often coaching endeavors need to be supported with short, highly-focused, executive training. In fact, research conducted by the Personnel Management Association suggests that corporations are better off having training delivered by coaching firms. They found that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average 86% compared with 22% with training alone.

We have a number of workshops (ranging from a half day to a week) geared to support unit leaders and their teams at the middle to senior management level at important junctions of organizational life, where feedback, influence, change leadership, conflict management, leadership accountability and team alignment on business unit level goals need be sought.

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Through our training programs, participants learn how to:

  • confidently give each other direct, honest and timely feedback, without emotion or judgment, to achieve goals;
  • strengthen their influence skills to gain commitment for key initiatives that drive performance, create process improvements and increase revenue;
  • successfully implement change initiatives, through a process which focuses on the “change leadership” required to successfully engage and drive employee commitment;
  • directly address conflict in a way that preserves or improves relationships, creates new opportunities and increases productivity;
  • create organizational momentum and commitment for their ideas, and make their best ideas a reality. Participants gain the knowledge, techniques and tools to effectively create buy-in for their ideas across their organizations;
  • increase collaboration (as organizations increasingly become multi-stakeholder), tear down organizational silos or “splinter groups” of “Us and Them” and mitigate turf wars to increase productivity, efficiency and innovation;
  • develop intellectual awareness for accountability so that they can pledge to be fully accountable within their organizations. This is particularly important when leaders are asked to “do more with less”, influence without authority, and manage (virtual) teams (across the globe), all of whom report up through organizations with their own goals and agendas;
  • effectively empower employees and influence their performance and development. Our workshops deliver the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively deliver talent conversations that engage both leaders and employees;
  • improve results through effective leadership, which involves not just what any one person does but what groups of individuals do together, to produce collective results. Our workshops focus on a “Direct, Align, Commit” framework that enables individuals to work together, as a cohesive group, to produce collective results – results they could never achieve working as individuals; and
  • move from average to high performing by developing the four fundamental skills (self-awareness, learning agility, influence and communication) that leaders at any level need to master for success;