High Potentials

At Ascent Coaching we believe the people who have the ability, agility and motivation to be your corporation’s senior managers and leaders of the future are key to your future success. While the qualities that define this group of individuals may mean different things to different organizations, depending on their business needs, they are the individuals you should place a focus on.

A corporation should be able to define and identify what high potential talent looks like for itself by considering

  • What key qualities your managers and leaders need to support your business strategy over the next 5-10 years, particularly in an increasingly changing, uncertain and digital world?
  • What culture, knowledge and behaviors you need to foster to achieve your corporation’s ambitions?
  • How strong your leadership pipeline is and to what extent your succession planning and leadership development increase the readiness of your leadership pool?

A corporation should be clear about how it defines potential so that individuals who will grow faster and further than others are identified. However, given the transformation priorities in South Africa your firm should especially try to think “out-of-the-box” so that all options are considered. Rather than simply applying a “tick the box” approach, your corporation should deliberately seek a workforce that is diverse enough to bring a wide variety of skills and ideas so that the business benefits from their agility, keeps it relevant and constantly moving forward.

Once you have identified your High Potentials, Ascent Coaching will work with you to nurture that talent so that they remain engaged and are equipped to lead when the time comes. By working with an Executive Coach you will support their personal growth and develop appropriate culture and behavior from them. Your High Potentials will increase the awareness of their role as leader (both “being” and “doing”), develop their personal and leadership presence, increase their impact in a range of situations, make step changes in performance for their future development and support the transfer of learning (for example, gained during a particular organizational change initiate) into action. Most often we are called upon to coach High Potentials understand how to use their strengths and develop new skills so that transitions into new roles of seniority are effective.

High Potentials need to understand that as they progress in their fields they will need to call upon a new set of skills to take them where they and you want them to go. The skills and mind-set that helped them get established early in their careers is different from the skills and mind-set necessary to succeed as executives. They may have the characteristics of a great individual contributor but that will not automatically translate to being an effective senior manager. In fact, it may actually get in the way.

The success your succession plans have often depend upon the image superiors (and even their colleagues) have of High Potential talent. By working with an Executive Coach your High Potentials will learn how to improve the perception others have of them, boost their profile across the organization and exert influence by driving change and inspiring people. Our programs should help remove obstacles that limit their advancement and provide them with a clear path to the next level.

The Executive Coaching Strategy

By engaging an Executive Coach your organization will empower your High Potentials to become the most effective and influential leaders possible and, post our engagement, they will positively affect your organization's bottom line through increased productivity, enhanced communication and a steady flow of creative contributions.

Engaging an Executive Coach at this time of an employee’s career should provide a guiding light throughout the rest of their working lives, allowing them to maximize their potential and realize their professional greatness. An employee coached by us gains the competitive edge necessary to excel in today’s intense business environment. They become recognized as extremely capable, credible and highly respected by upper management. They advance more quickly and achieve the promotions they deserve. They make a substantial impact and gain extraordinary success for themselves and the company.

When High Potentials take control of how others see them, they will create the right image of themselves. Perceptions of them will accurately reflect their impact on the organization. Their “value-quotient” to the organization rises in direct proportion to how effectively they create an accurate perception of their abilities among colleagues and senior decision makers.

By standing out and getting noticed High Potentials increase their profile across the organization and by higher levels of management. Visibility means they will get noticed, gain recognition and advance within their organizations. Visibility is key to increasing their exposure and becoming known as a valued leader. Coupled with perception, visibility is one of the pillars that support their ability to influence others. Without perception and visibility influence is impossible.

Regardless of their current position or level of authority as soon as your High Potentials have impact they will be able to leverage their power to influence and improve situations. Once they have improved perception of themselves and increased their visibility they will be ready to develop and use their influence. With influence comes impact. Their ability to change situations grows as they expand their influence. As influential leaders they move the needle forward with their teams and your organization. Their significant impact on the company is known.

If High Potential talent is left to focus exclusively on merit and hard work as foundations for their advancement, they’d probably never achieve their full potential. Unfortunately, merit and skill alone will not propel their careers – job advancement is determined by the perception they create! Working with an Executive Coach will help them create the right perception, leading directly to the promotions they deserve. The coach will help them become visible to the people who have the power to influence their careers. They will learn how to create impact, develop relationships with top executives and position themselves for political advantage. The more people recognize the value they provide, the better the chance they will have of influencing their own advancement and making a meaningful contribution to your company.