C-Suite Executives

At Ascent Coaching we believe that confident leaders and great presenters are born, but that this quality is recessive and masked by other more dominant behaviours. Coaching is therefore both a facilitative and development focused experience designed to unlock, awaken and strengthen the leadership traits already within. Respecting that you are highly skilled technical and industry expert in your field, our aim, in a coaching engagement, is to stretch your strategic and tactical problem solving abilities as well as your ways of thinking and your leadership behaviors. And we focus on enhancing habits that will ensure your high performance continues well after the coaching ends.

In business the only thing that really counts is results, and only four areas of business results at that: money, time, quality and quantity. These results are driven by operational execution, leadership effectiveness and team interaction. Achievers who need to deliver results and be at the top of their game daily also need reflection, support and motivation. Our Executive Coaching focus keeps one eye on these key deliverables and the other on you and your key player’s management behaviors and performance improvements. This will give you the objectivity of an exceptional premier side-line sports coach.

When you’re a leader there’s an expectation to be both influential and impressive, that you will build strong relationships and engage people, that you’ll get your message across clearly and authentically (no matter the culture, context or medium used) and above all, that you will do it fast. Our coaching works by tapping into your own style of communication to help you deliver real presence and impact.

To truly transform performance, exceptional coaching equips you and your organization to permanently move into that space of higher performance, make better future decisions and drive the overall direction of your career and the crucial results of the company. Most great leadership doesn’t happen during boardroom presentations or at annual meetings. It happens in hallways and on telephone calls. It happens in cubicles and over lunch. It happens in project status meetings and in routine one-on-one discussions. In fact several authors suggest that “most leadership happens one conversation at a time”.

C-Suite executives must therefore learn potent, practical skills that make all their conversations more impactful. Ascent Coaching aims to immerse C-Suite Executives quickly in key leadership concepts and then guide them through challenging experiential exercises. C-Suite executives leave coaching engagements having discovered a higher degree of authenticity which allows them to have a more powerful personal brand and enjoy greater positive self-esteem. Authenticity, you will discover, is a dynamic, somewhat fragile, dimension that is enhanced or diminished by what you say and do in your daily interactions with others in your organization. You will realize how real organizational power comes not from your position but from your ability to build strong lasting connections with others in their organizations.

Robert Neiman states “Better execution is one of the great untapped opportunities for improving organizational performance”. C-Suite executives in our coaching programs will be encouraged to examine the ability of their team or organization to execute well so that projects and assignments get completed in time and preferably under budget. You will also reflect on ways you can substantially increase interpersonal effectiveness as well as whether you have the competencies to accelerate and sustain planned change. In environments that can adequately function with little or no formal leadership, C-Suite executives should consider their ability to transform these work-groups into high performance teams. Your team depends on your leadership to gain clarity of expectations and performance for the operations they manage. Team excellence requires of the executive to clearly communicate, well delegate, enable participative decision making and influence without power plays. Your skills at collaboration to create a compelling story, in casting both starring and support roles to everyone and making and keeping promises determine whether you can create teams known for exceptional productivity, innovation and execution.

Moreover the challenges of a knowledge economy require C-Suite executives to be able to make the big shift from being their team’s content experts to creators of pervasive learning cultures. You will be coached on how to identify the core skills needed to make the biggest improvements in business performance and to equip members of your teams with these skills. You will need to help others develop a sustained passion for acquiring new knowledge and capabilities such that it leaves you able to spend a greater amount of your leadership role facilitating both formal and informal learning.

Finally, change is the key driver for businesses who want to stay agile and relevant in an increasingly competitive and fractured world. Whether change is necessitated by growth, innovation, restructuring or technology, it is important to build workforce's that are truly engaged with the goals of your organization.

As the reasons to change grow, it is all too easy to focus on the business goals and lose sight of the impact these have on your people. However, any changes the organization makes will only be successful if employees buy into them and this is where the challenge lies – by nature people are often inclined to be resistant to change even when it is for the greater good.

It is important, particularly in South Africa, not to forget the benefits of an inclusive and diverse working environment for successful transformation and engagement. A diverse environment should bring a wealth of experiences, skills and ideas which contribute positively to the business. By actively adopting behaviors which naturally foster an inclusive culture, C-Suite executives will make all employees feel valued.

Our strategic, comprehensive and future-focused coaching approach will help to create leadership behavior and culture changes to support your business transformation and increase engagement with your people. This will get you in shape as a leader to navigate now and in the future you can’t yet see or even imagine.

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In this video Chris Ruisi of The Coach's Zone describes that while today's business leaders face special challenges, the real purpose of your lives is still to discover and use your full capabilities as leaders. Executive Coaching is a necessary use of knowledge, focus and accountability to successfully motivate and improve the business aptitude of each client.

In addition to overall executive leadership presence, there are two other times where coaching can really benefit your organization. The first is when executives are transitioning into new leadership roles. These often prove a real test for even the most senior of executives. Research has shown that transition into significant new roles is one of the most challenging times in the professional lives of managers, with success of failure during this period providing a strong predictor of overall performance in the role.

With increased expectation and challenge, less time to make an impact, the pressure to deliver the right things and build strong and engaging relationships quickly – the first 100 days of a new role have to be powerful and positive! With short, frequent sessions, ideally starting before the new role begins, working with a dedicated coach can provide you with essential support by increasing clarity, providing space to think, opportunities to experiment and practice and develop your physical and emotional resilience.

The second time is when an executive has come to a point where vital though uncertain decisions need be made. Those times should be welcomed for the valuable opportunity they provide, using real work, to experiment and deliberately practice. They naturally, visibly and quickly develop new skills and useful habits which impact both the executive and their organization. At those times our coaching focuses the executive on the very real and current opportunities that, if sized, will give them the most leverage for success. Whether working on a one off event or using multiple such points of inflection as part of a longer coaching program you will have the opportunity to best select, preview and prepare for turning points when the stakes are high and which, if well navigated, will bring your goals even closer.

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