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Ascent Coaching is a member of a global network of boutique Executive Power Coaching providers serving the needs of Board Directors, C-Suite Executives, High Potential talent and their teams at South Africa’s largest corporations, government and state-owned-enterprises to achieve superior performance. We challenge our participants to create relationships that confront real issues and engage in potent, performance-changing conversations.

We provide retainer-based coaching programs tailored to our client’s specific needs in dramatically accelerating their development as strategic organizational leaders. Under the guidance of a coach who is expert in advanced leadership practices with deep experience in one-on-one coaching, clients are challenged to do a deep self-examination, to adopt high impact leadership practices, and to make the personal changes necessary to step up to a whole new level of performance as executive leaders. This process requires clients to make a significant commitment in time and energy to either face-to-face or virtual coaching solutions which result in real or lasting business impact.

Our team of coaches, all previously senior leaders in global business, work with South Africa’s Top 100 and other publicly held corporations (as well as large private/government organizations) blending their deep expertise in coaching to bring a rich and varied experience to every coaching relationship. Our coaches judiciously use business and leadership content with the aim of supporting and challenging your executives to be at their very best. We work with them to provide flexible, integrated coaching solutions underpinned by the three pillars of business focus, coaching with content and rigorous evaluation.

With a passionate belief that great coaching is transformational, our coaching results in real and sustainable business and personal outcomes, for your leaders as well your organization. We work hard at understanding the organizational context and appreciating the clients “world”. We focus on real work solutions in our coaching discussions. This keeps coaching immediately relevant to your business and ensures that the impact of new practices and habits can be quickly visible in the workplace.

We ensure objectives, success measures and evaluation approaches are aligned with your organization as well as your executive’s needs and agreed early in the program. Our coaches are committed to ensuring the conversion of ideas and discussion into practical action, experimentation and results. They have the confidence and presence to “meet the client” on their own terms and bring a high degree of empathy and interpersonal sensitivity. This enables the coach to maintain a subtle balance between challenging a client’s way of thinking and seeing the world, with deep support where needed.

Our coaches draw on a varied and rich background of professional training to apply the most appropriate approach. Each is client-centered and focused on learning rather than simply applying a standard coaching formula. Our focus is on enabling clients to learn for themselves through questions and facilitated reflection.

While we make use of the traditional, proven, impactful tools of story-telling, action learning, real-time experimentals, personality and 360 assessments, coupled, where required, with readings and brief regular thought-provoking e-mail check-ins, our firm is unique, first, to the extent to which we evaluate and review our coaching impact.

Second our primary differentiating factor relates to the philosophy of our leadership training methodologies. These arise from our intent to take new and cutting-edge research in “hard” (medical or physics) science out of the world’s leading laboratories and apply them to human development, in what would traditionally be considered “soft” business skills. Methodologies developed in this way, then powerfully directed at high payoff areas such as authenticity, coaching, innovation, communication and emotional intelligence, are simply the most innovative available today and serve to dramatically accelerate the design process.


Ascent Coaching is the only specialist Executive Coach servive provider to offer South African corporates a truly global experience. Our membership of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M), the as well as the European Mentoring & Coaching Council is a testament to our commitment to a strong Code of Professional Conduct as well as quality service competencies, bench-marked and assured internationally. [Read our white paper on "The Great ICF debate" here: ]. In South Africa, Ascent Coaching is a proud Level 1 B-BBEE contributor!



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